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  1. Upload a .zip, .csv, .0, .asp, .jdx, .spc, or .spa file to the upload file tab.
  2. Process your data using smoothing, derivative, baseline correction, flattening, range selection, and intensity adjustment.
  3. Identify your spectra using onboard reference libraries and/or AI
  4. Download your results
  5. For more details click the button below for the SOP or watch the detailed instructional videos.

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Monetary Partners

Thriving (10,000–100,000$)

Maintaining (1,000–10,000$)

Supporting (100–1,000$)

Jennifer Gadd

Saving (<100$)

Anne Jefferson, Heather Szafranski, Gwendolyn Lattin, Collin Weber, Gregory Gearhart, Anika Ballent, Shelly Moore, Susanne Brander (Oregon State University), Jeremy Conkle (TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY CORPUS CHRISTI)

In-Kind Partners

Thriving (10,000–100,000$)

Win Cowger, Zacharias Steinmetz

Maintaining (1,000–10,000$)

Garth Covernton, Jamie Leonard, Shelly Moore, Rachel Kozloski, Katherine Lasdin, Aleksandra Karapetrova, Laura Markley, Walter Yu, Walter Waldman, Vesna Teofilovic, Monica Arienzo, Mary Fey Long Norris, Cristiane Vidal, Scott Coffin, Charles Moore, Aline Carvalho, Shreyas Patankar, Andrea Faltynkova, Sebastian Primpke, Andrew Gray, Chelsea Rochman, Orestis Herodotu, Hannah De Frond, Keenan Munno, Hannah Hapich, Jennifer Lynch

Supporting (100–1,000$)

Alexandre Dehaut, Gabriel Erni Cassola

To share spectra upload a file to the upload file tab. If you selected Share a copy of your spectra will be sent to the Community Data Warehouse on Open Science Framework. To add additional metadata, fill in the avaliable metadata fields and click -Share Data-. The spectra file that you uploaded along with your responses will be copied to the a -With Metadata- subfolder at the link below. All shared data holds a Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0.

We are a group of experienced spectroscopists and can provide a variety of services for hire, please contact [email protected] to inquire about any of the services below.

  • Adding new features to OpenSpecy
  • Creating spectroscopy software
  • Microplastic sample analysis
  • Spectral identification
  • Study design
  • So much more...