Welcome to the data visualization portal!

This app uses microplastics sample data from the California Open Data Portal.

Below is a map that allows you to select multiple locations, and the popup markers present overview information about the plastics at those sites.

The concentration and source of plastics of the selected locations are then displayed in a rain cloud plot below.

The table directly generates the data from the Open Data Portal, and shows additional information regarding the characteristics of the plastics.

Warning: The latitude and longitude data for some locations are inaccurate due to multiple locations being grouped together within a single sample.

Drinking Water Plastics Plot by Location

Drinking Water Plastics Table by Location

Drinking Water Plastics Plot by Country

Drinking Water Plastics Table by Country

Other Visuals

Sankey plots are a useful way to visualize the relationship and flow between variables.

The drop down allows users to look at the relationships of three different microplastic characteristics from the Open Data Portal.

Comparing Characteristics with Sankey Plot

California Microplastics in Drinking Water

Disclaimer: The data presented in this tab is entirely simulated for illustrative purposes and does not represent actual observations. This synthetic dataset is generated to demonstrate the functionality of the application and should not be interpreted as real-world information.

Plastic Data by Location

Shape Distribution

Color Distribution

Polymer Distribution

Width Distribution

Yearly Average Concentrations

Treatment Library